This book is a powerful intervention of truth and transparency into corporate darkness and influence. It explodes the myth of benevolence and the drive to feed the world in the agricultural biotechnology industry. What might seem like battles on the edge of the empire in places like Hawaiʻi can actually be seen as central sites of leadership, resistance, and innovation in grappling against global structures and power. Hawaiʻi’s place as the epicenter for a global battle over our future—the future of our food systems, the impacts of pesticides and herbicides on human health and environment, and the need for courageous actors—is made clear by this work. We need this book.”

Dr Kamana Beamer

Center for Hawaiian Studies, University of Hawaii

“Where this book differs from other academic studies about power in Hawaiʻi is in its steadfast commitment to demonstrating the power of intersectional resistance. Brower’s interest in capitalism and agrochemical agriculture’s colonization of food production is not only to expose the dangers to human and nonhuman life but also to demonstrate how a resistance that spans ethnicities, classes, genders, and other distinct interest groups derives power from coalition instead of division. This book is a timely examination of Hawaiʻi’s struggles over land and power.”

Dr Kathryn Besio, University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo